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Pass It On: Sharing What You Know Can Help Protect Someone Who You Know from a Scam (Webinar)

Begins 04/16/2019
Available capacity: 480

Older consumers have told us they don’t want to be labeled as vulnerable victims. They want to pass on what they know about scams – not only to their peers, but to younger generations, as well. The Federal Trade Commission’s Pass It On campaign helps you reach out to people over 65 to tap into their life experiences and their trusted place in the community. These articles, presentations, video and activities help you start that conversation with your older patrons and get them to pass on some information that could help someone they know (and maybe help them, too).

Central Time
Date: 04/16/2019
Start Time: 01:30 pm
End Time: 02:30 pm
Credit Hours: 1
Instructor : Carol Kando-Pineda
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